Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Backyard Buddies Program Gives Barn Cats A Forever Home

Cobra and Straymond

I'm constantly impressed by the hard, important work that New Jersey-based shelter and rescue groups in my area do, and my attention was recently drawn to a fantastic program by The Monmouth County SPCA that helps give feral cats a second chance at having a better life.

The shelter, headquartered in Eatontown, NJ with an adoption center also conveniently located within Freehold Raceway Mall, recently shared a heartwarming success story from the Backyard Buddies program on their Facebook page:

This is Great Road Farm in Skillman, NJ. Farmer Steve Tomlinson adopted two barn cats late last summer and these are photographs from a recent visit. The two kitties, Cobra and Straymond, who were not doing well at the shelter, are obviously doing great now! 



They are very happy, healthy and now very friendly boys! Steve takes such good care of them and they in return keep the rodents away. The farm is organic so having the cats is in line with that concept, as he doesn't need chemicals or traps to keep the barn pest free. Cobra even helps get stray chickens back into their coops! The MCSPCA Backyard Buddy and Barn Cat program truly saves lives!

When Sally Williams, a longtime shelter volunteer and adoption counselor first heard about how The MCSCPA placed unadoptable cats on farms, she knew had to help. She made phone calls, sent emails, and used social media to connect to Farmer Steve, who she says has "been amazing" throughout the process. 

Sally sneaking in a cuddle with Cobra.

"Both Cobra and Strayond are the picture of health, happiness and farm 
living!!!!," she says. "Cobra is Mr. Personality and very friendly to everyone he meets. Straymond was a bit shy at first, but before long was winding in and out of my legs and happy to receive full body pets!!! I was overjoyed!!!"

"I spent some time chatting with Steve before he headed out for some potato harvesting and he expressed what a wonderful experience this has been for him and his staff. He clearly loves his cats. Cobra and Straymond are living the good life at their home at Great Road Farm."

The Backyard Buddies program saves lives by taking healthy, feral cats who cannot be placed in a home environment, and relocating them to farms and other safe outdoor areas, where they can thrive and be cared for. The shelter provides each cat with a spay/neuter, microchip, flea/tick preventative along with vaccination against rabies and distemper. Assistance is given during the relocation process, and caretaker responsibilities include providing daily food and water. As their website states, "There is no cost for this service, and the reward of saving a life is priceless."

To learn more about the Monmouth County SPCA, visit their website or follow them on Facebook here.

Images courtesy of Sally Williams/MCSPCA.



meowmeowmans said...

What a terrific program. Big thanks to Sally and Farmer Steve for giving Cobra and Straymond the chance they needed. :)

Have fun at the Friskies!

katsrus said...

Sounds like a wonderful program. Loved the post.
Sue B

The Lee County Clowder said...

Looks like a great gig for kitties & beans both.

Unknown said...

Wonderful! This is a purrfect example of the kind of progressive animal sheltering that we need more of, throughout the country!
Thank you Monmouth County SPCA! good job! Good job, Sally!

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