Monday, June 17, 2013

Royal Canin Summer Pet Food Drive: 40,000 Pounds In 40 Days Challenge!

The Royal Canin 40 Day Challenge is on!

From now (June 17) through July 26, their goal is to donate 1,000 pounds of pet food each day – ultimately donating 40,000 pounds at the end of 40 days to Banfield Charitable Trust

To help accomplish this herculean task, they're asking the public to visit their Facebook page to participate in daily challenges, which include reading and sharing stories like the one below, of pet owners who have directly benefitted from pet food assistance programs. 

The summer pet food drive will ultimately help keep pets and their people together, because no one should have to give up their beloved companion because they can no longer afford to feed them. 


After health problems forced Rich into an early retirement, he found himself struggling to care for his two cats, Mr. Rain and Ms. Misty. Luckily, thanks to Dakin Pioneer Valley Humane Society and its Pet Aid program, he is able to keep his kitties at home, where they belong.

Rich hadn't intended to retire anytime soon, but health issues forced him to stop working. In 2008, he adopted two kittens who had come from a home where 75 cats lived in pretty bad conditions. One of Rich's friends provided foster care for the surviving kittens from that home,  and after frequent visits, Rich became attached to two kittens in particular, Mr. Rain and Ms. Misty. "I'd never had a pet before. When I saw them in foster care I decided to adopt them. Then illness changed my life. Now I'm around the house most of the time and the cats keep me company."

Unable to work, Rich turned to the local survival center for help and was afraid his financial situation might force him to give up Mr. Rain and Ms. Misty. "It was tough enough to stretch the money to cover food, housing and medical care for myself. When I added in the cost of pet food, it looked almost impossible to keep my cats."

But then Rich learned about one of the survival center's community partners - Dakin Humane Society - and its Pet Food Aid program that provides food for client families' animals. Rich was glad to hear about the service because he was faced with making ends meet on a suddenly limited income. "Once a month my son drives me over to pick up food for me and my cats. That extra help lets me keep Mr. Rain and Ms. Misty at home."

Last year, Dakin Humane Society provided over 45,000 pounds of pet food to partner service agencies throughout the Pioneer Valley of western Massachusetts to help keep companion animals in their homes.

Visit the Royal Canin Facebook page ( today through July 26th, to find out how you can help provide pet food for people like Rich so he can keep his cats, Mr. Rain and Ms. Misty. Their goal is to donate 40,000 pounds of food in 40 days with the help of Banfield Charitable Trust.



katsrus said...

Thanks for the post. Touching story.
Sue B

Katie Isabella said...

That made my day and week. I am proud to know someone helps the companion animals too.

Hannah and Lucy said...

This struck a chord with our Mum as we were rescued by the RSPCA along with 100 or so other from one house. They neutered us, gave us our first jabs (ouchie) and micro chipped us. Mum wanted to get another cat to replace her cat who died aged 19 years and saw us. She took both of us as we were huddled together. We eat Royal Canin food (and whispers some Whiskas too!!)

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