Friday, June 21, 2013

"Perez Hilton Of Cats" Seeks Instagram Manager And Social Media Marketing Intern

A fame-seeking feline by the name of Mr. Panther Pants recently posted an ad on Craigslist looking for an intern that will help take his online profile to the next level.

Mr. Panther Pants, the self-proclaimed "Perez Hilton of Cats," is described as "catty, sassy, and completely snarky. He always has an opinion where other cat or dog fashion is concerned. He has his own style."

The unpaid internship will be one day a week in Marina del Ray, Calif., and is targeting students and recent grads with a passion for cats and social media, who want to learn what it takes to build a brand from the ground up. 

Job responsibilities include creating content for the Mr. Panther Pants blog, managing his presence across social media, and figuring out how to turn him into the biggest goddamn cat in the world. The "ability to provide snarky fashion commentary would also be beneficial," but thankfully, is not a deal-breaker.

As part of the application process, potential candidates are being asked to submit a cover letter and resume, along with a description of why they think cats are the preferred species. Also, if you want to up your street cred, you might want to mention that you recognized this little rapscallion right away from his Rover fashion shoot.

Via Craigslist / Instagram (@MrPantherPants)


Anonymous said...

And that the spotted beret is from ToScarboroughFair.

Sparkle said...

How come I didn't think of advertising for an intern? I bet I could practically replace my human for 95% of the tasks around here!

Unknown said...

OMG...I love Mr. Panther Pants!

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