Sunday, August 23, 2009

Hot Kitty Mess - Kitty Purry

You're probably already familiar with glamour-puss pop sensation Katy Perry, but what about her feline daughter, the unsinkable Miss Kitty Purry? Little KP rocks her fuzzy belly, kitty bloomers, and little black ballet flats hard, just like her fashion forward mother.

Kitty is a staple on Katy's twitter account:

spotted: kitty purry failing at a game of hide and seek. on Twitpic
"spotted: kitty purry failing at a game of hide and seek."

This bitch signs the checks. on Twitpic
"This bitch signs the checks."

While Katy herself is always representing for the kitty's, as seen here in Hello Kitty for MAC.

And on her latest "Hello Katy" tour, with this sweet cat inspired tee. (via Katy Perry Official Store)

Celebrity dogs are a dime-a-dozen these days. Is Kitty Purry the new face of celebrity feline superstardom? We say yes!

You can find more celebrity cats, including Kitty Purry, featured on crazysexygorgeous.

Who is your favorite famous feline?



Freya's Staff said...

That last bit made me jump! My favourite famous feline is MEEE!!!

Catsparella said...

Hi Freya! It made me jump too! I just checked out your blog and you are a supermodel! Wow!

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