Thursday, August 20, 2009

Catnip for the Discriminating Feline

If your cats are anything like mine, this is their favorite form of entertainment:
However, Priscilla is an occasional catnip junkie and a particularly potent blend will cause her to spastically flip around while rubbing the catnip vessel against the side of her face like she is rouging her cheeks. I want to get her a special treat, so I've turned to Etsy, a treasure trove of handcrafted, unusual catnippery.

Seller GEEKitty makes tons of delicious catnip loaded treats for your pop culturally aware feline. My pick, the speech bubble catnip toys, come in 3 styles: "meh.", "srsly.", and "lol." You can also customize your own style up to 4 characters long. They also make a cheeseburger model, and YESYOUCANHAS.

via GEEKitty Etsy via neatorama

Over at seller krantzwerk's shop, I fell in love with the "lippy fangs" catnip toy. Not only do I love the edged out vampire look, this store also wins for best display of product. Vintage cat figurines are the key to my heart (and pocketbook!). The toys come in several other styles, including "buck tooth mustache" and "snaggle tooth braces" (click the link just to check out the original R. Kelly painting).

via krantzwerk's Etsy page via PetSugar

Now, for the cat who has everything: The tampon catnip toy

Via kittysavant's etsy:

"Look, we've all seen the banana toys, and I'll admit that my cats once loved Catnip Banana too. But let's be honest, it's kind of 2003. So step up to the next big thing in kitty bliss with Catnip Tampon."

However, in some cases, the classics never go out of style. One of Priscilla's old favorites is the Ratherbee Organic CATNIP CARROT.

These fortune cookies by JakeandMicah are gorgeous! If I were a cat, these would be my favorite toy.

And finally, how about some sassy pink underpants to go with your tampons? These pink panties filled with nip remind me of Parcel underpants coin purses.

via casbahkitten's etsy



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