Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Spotlight On: Kitty Baby Love

Kitty Baby Love is Sara and Ben, two stay-at-home parents devoted to handcrafting beautiful, natural kitty themed products with love.

My personal favorites are their gorgeous kitty egg crayons that come in tons of colors like burgundy and lavender. Yum! They are made of nontoxic wax and each crayon is hand carved with a precious lil' kitty face!

I also love their Boo-Boo kitty stress relief dolls. These tiny cats with hand embroidered faces are filled with rice so they are nice and squeezy, or you can put them in the microwave for warmth! Ahh..
"Calgon, Calgon take me away.."

They also craft and sell items ranging from beeswax candles and coloring books, to this unique kitty bowling set.
Like what you see? Go visit them on etsy, or at their recently launched website, kittybabylove.com.



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