Monday, November 19, 2012

Kitten Rescued From Abe Lincoln Statue To A Chorus Of Cheers

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A tiny kitten took his obsession with the new Daniel Day Lewis flick too far, when he found himself stuck inside a statue of Abraham Lincoln at the President's Hall of Fame Museum in Clermont, Fl.

The three-week-old cat's cries were becoming fainter after enduring days inside the presidential replica, as The Humane Society and Minneola Fire Department were called in for help. A news crew looked on as rescuers drilled a hole in the top of the structure, and a firefighter was able to pull the kitten to safety. The patriotic puss, who has appropriately been named Abe, was fed and taken to the vet, where he is expected to make a full recovery.

No one knows how Abe got in the statue to begin with, but it's a twist of fate that just might have led to his new home. Museum curator John Zweiful hopes to adopt the cat, and give him a home inside the Hall of Fame. 


Via / New York Daily News



My Cat Boys said...

Aw poor baby! So happy to see him safe.

Dee said...

Lawdy, that fireman's hot too.

Catsparella said...

@Dee LOL, right!?

Mr. Black said...

What a little thing!

A good looking fireman and a rescued kitten.
The lady is having an attack of the vapors.

Katie Isabella said...

Poor little baby. I hope his internal workings are alright without food for such a long time. Poor baby. Thank goodness he was found.

I would love to win the ornament. Please enter me in the list of those who would lie to win it.

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